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Live at “Relix Magazine”

I had a blast playing at Relix Magazine, a live set filmed by Will Schwerd. And as usual, I brought up some audience members to make and produce a song together at the end (in this case, some chill Relix staff members). Had an awesome time. Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpmDbZXae4w

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Nord Keyboards, “Artist of the Month”

Thanks Nord Keyboards, for the Artist of the Month feature!… For the record, my favorite board is the Stage series 😀   Also a big thanks to Randy and Tanya at ArtistRelations.com, who keep everything running smooth for us artists and brands.     Here are my thoughts on Nord:     “The sound quality is rich and dynamic amongst a variety of instrument types. It’s built tough and it looks great. To me, Nord Stage keyboards are not at all lifeless sample robots; they are true, unique instruments in their own right.“

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The performance release of Adam Ahuja’s debut EP, ‘Balance’ is at ShapesShifter Lab in Brooklyn! The show will begin as a solo looping-style performance, and gradually add guest performers to form duos, trios, quartets and so on: evolving the music as the evening progresses. The EP itself is a solo endeavor, in which all instrument parts were recorded one track at a time. The 5-track collection is a mixture of composed tunes, a multi-track improvisation, a looping-style performance, and a solo piano piece. Adam Ahuja is an NYC-based musician (keyboards / vocals, guitar, drums) who combines jazz, rock, funk and hip-hop into a fluid style. Performing both as a soloist and with a group, Adam’s music is layered with reflective harmony, lyrical expression, funky grooves, live looping, and an improvisational spirit, building a distinctive mood and atmosphere from moment to moment. In NYC, Adam has recently shared his music at Blue Note Jazz Club (with The Flowdown). Adam Ahuja (keys, vocals, guitar, drums/percussion).  Featured performers at the show: Ebonie Little (dance), Alvaro Kapaz (guitar), Lavondo Thomas (bass), Diego Vasquez (drums), Ron Thaler (drums), Pablo Eluchans (drums), Srikalogy (percussion).

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